$50K reward for tip in woman’s slaying

Firefighters who visited the couple's home after the scene was released said there was evidence the garage door was broken into and a door to the house was kicked in, leading them to believe there was a break and enter, although police haven't released any details about the crime scene. This past …

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Homeowner Tips for Getting Ready for Hurricane Season 2018

Before a hurricane is even on the radar, homeowners are encouraged to assure that four key components of their home are safe and secure: the roof, windows, garage door and entry doors. If any of these areas are compromised during severe weather, then hurricane-force winds can enter the structure …

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Morristown Police Share Home Safety Tips For Spring, Summer

Always lock your doors if you are gone, even if only for a few minutes. If you are working in the backyard, keep your front door and garage door closed and locked, and your backdoors locked if you are in the front yard. During the warm weather people often open windows or sliding glass doors while they …

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Tax tips: What to do if you haven’t filed your taxes

“It's just like that feeling when you're trying to make it under the garage door right before it closes," Bibb said. "I mean, it's a great feeling, you know, knowing that I did what I was supposed to do.” Some taxpayers may work well under pressure, but Bibb says procrastinating is too stressful for him.

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Scraping garage door needs ‘tune-up’ or DIY

Dear Ken: My garage door makes a scraping sound when the rollers go around that curve on the side track. Can I stop … But if you're an inveterate DIYer, here are a few tips. … By the way, garage door motors heat rapidly, so after about six up/down testing cycles, let it cool for 15 minutes or so. Finally …

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Armed robberies in Grove City rattle victims, police issue safety tips

… 2018 around 8:54 pm Grove City Police responded to a robbery call in the 2400 block of English Turn Drive. The victims reported they had just pulled into their garage and parked the vehicle. The garage door was open and as they exited the car, three males appeared and two of the males had guns.

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David Bruce: Tips for your garage sale

Lock your doors and windows. Before your first customer arrives, lock all of the doors and windows to your home and car. Thieves use garage sales as a way to sneak past a distracted homeowner and loot the house, according to the Better Business Bureau. If you're not selling items in your garage, …

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Designer tips: How to make your home unique

The cookie-cutter white garage door may be a thing of the past. Because they used to be designed to be unnoticeable, and to blend in with the rest of the home, many garage doors were a dull color. Fast forward to now, garage doors are being painted in darker, bold colors and are in some cases being …

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Use These Tips to Keep Your Electrical Garage Doors in Top Shape

Electric garage doors have various moving components that deserve lubrication on a regular basis. This is how you stop parts like the rails and the rollers from wearing out quickly as well as the production of a squeaky and annoying sound when opening and closing the garage door. While lubricating …

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