How to Choose a Garage Door to Improve Curb Appeal

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Not many people give their garage door a second thought, but did you know that by choosing the right door, you can instantly improve your curb appeal? Curb appeal is essential to any house and not only because the house looks nicer. Curb appeal can also make your house more valuable, which is a nice bonus to making your home look amazing. Let’s take a look at these six tips for choosing the best garage door:

Garage Door Panels

Many steel garage door models are available with traditional panel designs. We also offer raised or recess panels depending on the style you want. The door panels are relatively easily replaced when they are damaged, so this is a great option for people who need that extra bit of durability.

Carriage House Doors

Carriage House garage doors look like carriage doors on a barn. While it may look like these doors swing out when they open, they actually don’t. These doors still go up and down like traditional garage doors, so they are the perfect option for people who want a door that is unique from the rest of the neighborhood.

Garage Door Windows

Having a garage door with windows will mean that the garage has additional lighting inside which is a nice feature. You can choose clear, stained, block, or smoky windows depending on the amount of privacy you want for the garage. Many of us store our mower and other lawn equipment in there along with other valuables, so we want to keep it private.

Decorative Hardware

Choosing a garage door with decorative hardware is a great choice for curb appeal. The decorative hardware means that your house will stand apart from the rest of the homes on your street. Consider matching or complementing the hardware on your entry door to really tie the garage in with the house.

Garage Door Materials

Garage doors can be made from steel, aluminum, and glass, as well as wood. A wooden garage door will need to be stained every few years, but it is well worth the time spent. The material you choose must be able to withstand hurricane season here in the Tampa Bay area. All of our doors will stand up to that task.

Garage Door Colors

The color that you choose for your garage door is just as important as the style of the door and other accessories like hardware. You will want to choose a color that complements the other colors of the house, but doesn’t necessarily blend in. Remember, you want your garage door to make a statement!

Improve Your Curb Appeal with a New Garage Door

Improving the curb appeal for your house is simple when you replace your garage door. There are many styles, colors and materials for you to choose from, so you will be able to find one that is unique in comparison to all of the other houses on the street. Give us a call at 813-885-3667 if you’re interested in purchasing a garage door from us or discussing these options in greater detail.

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