Garage Door Safety

First of all, we strongly recommend an upgrade to a newer model if your garage door operator was manufactured before 1999. Most manufacturers have discontinued making parts for older units, making parts costly and difficult to find. Today our motors come standard with safety features like rolling code technology which tumbles the entry code out of billions of potential candidates, and auto-reverse, which prevents the door from impacting any obstructions when closing.


Some Tips For Added Door Security


Never leave your keys in the car even if it’s parked in the garage, on that note, you should also never leave your garage door open when you’re not nearby, because potential thieves would love toExpensive-Wood-Garage-Doors-Ideas peruse your valuables. A light on the exterior of your garage with a spotlight or motion sensor is highly advisable. Don’t leave your garage door remote out in the open. If you keep remotes in your car at night, put them in the glove compartment or center console to make them less visible. If you have an attached garage, make sure you lock all interior doors leading into the house.


When leaving for extended periods of time, always remember to lock the garage door. It’s also not a bad idea to unplug the garage door operator. When investing in a new door, a solid door without windows is a good choice for the added security. If you prefer having daylight in the garage, the windows should be installed in the top panel in order to make contents less visible. You can also have your existing windows frosted. Never give out the security code to your exterior wireless keypad, even when leaving for extended periods. If a service provider or house sitter does need the code, change the pass code immediately afterwards.


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