How to Ready Your Garage Door for Winter

If you live in a place where winters can see cold weather and snowfall, like North Carolina, you want to make sure your garage door is ready for the winter. The time to make sure your garage door is ready is before winter strikes, not after. Here are a few key steps to take to make sure your garage door is primed for the season. 1. Ensure the Door Is Sealed Properly If you’re inside your garage with the light […]

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Benefits of Electric Garage Door Openers vs. Manual Garage Door Openers

Do you have an electric garage door opener? New garage door openers aren’t often on the top of people’s list of home improvement projects, but if you’ve lived with a manual garage door opener for years, you may want to consider some of the benefits electric garage door openers can bring. If you’ve never thought about electric garage door openers before, here are a few important points to consider. Photo Eye One of the most important features you get with […]

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Power Outage? Here’s How to Open Your Garage Door

We all come to depend on our automatic garage door openers. They deliver wonderful convenience for our busy lives — but we often tend to take them for granted. When something like a power outage renders your garage door useless, it suddenly becomes a huge inconvenience. How are you supposed to get your car inside the garage — or get it out? Do you need to call a company that offers garage door repairs? Fortunately, the answer to that question […]

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Clopay Garage Doors Make a Statement on High Profile Show Homes

Award-winning architect Phil Kean selected two distinctive, and distinctly different, Clopay garage door models to feature on the 2017 The New American Home and The New American Remodeled Home. Located in the resort community of Lake Nona in South Orlando, the homes were open for tours during the International Builders’ Show.

Pro Remodeler and Professional Builder Magazines

Created by the Phil Kean Design Group in collaboration with Professional Builder magazine and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the homes showcase cutting-edge design concepts, as well as sustainable, energy-efficient building techniques and products.

Clopay’s contemporary Avante Collection glass garage door was selected for The New American Home, while a Reserve Wood Collection Custom Series door was chosen for The New American Remodeled Home.

The 2017 New American Home Celebrates Open Concept Design

The 2017 New American Home is 8,245 sq. ft. of stunning contemporary design. The single-story plan is influenced by the great mid-century modern homes popular in Palm Springs during the “Rat-pack” era.

The ample use of glass on windows and doors throughout the home blurs the lines between indoor-outdoor living to take advantage of the lake and golf views, along with the Central Florida climate.

2017 New American Home featuring Avante Collection

Kean carried the feeling of openness and light all the way to the garage by installing two translucent Clopay Avante Collection garage doors. Laminate glass panels let in daylight without compromising privacy. At night, the garage becomes a beacon of architectural beauty that glows in the dark.

In keeping with increasing demand for energy and resource efficiency, TNAH 2017 was designed and built to accomplish “Net Zero” and Emerald status certification under the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Emerald is the highest of the four levels of green building achievement that the standard recognizes.

A Smart Remodel Refreshes an Outdated 1980s Home

The 2017 New American Remodeled Home served as a unique show house for the thousands of remodelers who attended IBS.

2017 New American Remodeled Home

The existing home was transformed from its original 4,444-square-foot, 1980s design to a 4,631square-foot Bahamian-styled home. Without changing the footprint, Phil Kean’s design team significantly improved the design, livability, and energy efficiency. 

New American Home Remodeled

Kean’s team requested a black louvered Clopay Reserve Wood Collection custom door to go with the large plantation-style exterior shutters on the home.

Custom wood garage door with louvers

Clopay Reserve Wood Collection custom garage doors are built with exacting detail and craftsmanship using an insulated construction method and multi-step finishing process for exceptional beauty, durability and energy-efficiency.

In addition to the exposure at the International Builders’ Show, both show homes will be open for events and tours at the 2017 American Institute of Architects (AIA) National Convention being held in Orlando in April.

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How to Avoid a Garage Door Repair Scam

Are you considering a keyless garage door opener for your home garage? It can be a great idea to replace your current garage door system with a keyless entry system for several reasons. For one, they are incredibly convenient. You don’t ever have to worry about losing or misplacing your keys, because there are no keys. Just input your code into the garage door opener keypad and you’re in. For another, there’s no lock to pick, and no complicated changing […]

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Contemporary Curb Appeal

Clopay’s December imagineNATION Makeover Contest winners’ home shows the range of customization options available in our Modern Steel Collection.

December 2016 imagineNATION Winner

The homeowner’s 1977 contemporary house needed an update and more insulation. They chose the Modern Steel Collection garage door for its energy-efficient 18.4 R-value, custom window placement, and Clopay’s Color Blast custom garage door paint finishing to perfectly match the garage door to their bold entry door color.

We think it’s a winning example of curb appeal on all accounts. Installed by DistribuDoors.

DistribuDoors Modern Collection installA closer look at the Modern Steel Collection garage door, featuring a grooved panel style and three opaque windows down one side of the door.

Are you looking for a contemporary garage door or front door to enhance your home’s curb appeal?

Check out some of the other design options available in this Clopay garage door line.

Modern Steel Grooved Black with windows down one sideClopay Modern Steel Collection, grooved panel design with opaque windows down one side.

Modern-Steel with Ultra GrainClopay Modern Steel Collection, solid flush panel design with Ultra-Grain faux wood finish.

Modern-Steel-Grooved-MochaBrownClopay Modern Steel Collection, solid grooved panel design in Mocha.


Modern Steel - Color Blast

Clopay Modern Steel Collection, grooved panel design with a custom window layout in Sherwin Williams Lagoon.

Modern Steel Orange

Clopay Modern Steel Collection, flush panel design with Reed pattern windows down one side. Custom Color Blast paint color: Sherwin Williams Earthen Jug.


Entry Door Orange Modern

Clopay offers contemporary entry doors to complement its Modern Steel Collection garage doors. This is the Smooth Fiberglass Collection with a narrow Reed glass panel, custom painted to match the garage door shown above.

Use Clopay’s Door Imagination System to see how this garage door style looks on a photo of your home.

See other garage door before and after photos and enter the Clopay imagineNATION Makeover Contest for a chance to win $1,000.

Try the Door Imagination System
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Clopay Highlights New Contemporary Garage Doors at the 2017 International Builders’ Show

Following a four-year run in Las Vegas, the NAHB International Builders’ Show returned to Orlando, Fla. in 2017.

With over a half million square feet of exhibits, the show is best described as eye-candy for your home.

Whatever the category, kitchen and bath, roofing, flooring, paint, windows or doors, this was the place to not only see it, but walk away saying, “I want that!”

Sleek glass design in modern Garage and Entry Door

A dynamic duo for a contemporary exterior, the complementing Clopay garage door and entry door feature the same sleek glass design and bold custom paint color.

Visitors to the Clopay booth got a sneak peek at the new Canyon Ridge Modern Series, and saw fresh color and design ideas for some of our most-popular garage door and entry door models.

Canyon Ridge Modern Series at IBS Show

Custom Wood with Luvers

Here’s how Clopay doors fit into the hottest home design trends we saw at IBS 2017.

More Modern? Yes, Please!

Call it what you will – contemporary, modern, Mid-Century, or minimalistic. Home products with clean lines and more glass are in demand, and Clopay’s new modern garage door designs fill a longstanding void in the market.   

Clopay’s new Canyon Ridge Modern Series garage doors are constructed of an insulated, faux wood composite material that won’t rot, warp or crack. The low-maintenance cladding can be stained to match other natural wood elements on the exterior.

Canyon Ridge Full View

The Canyon Ridge full view door has wider stiles and rails than Clopay’s Avante Collection aluminum garage door but it still has large expanses of glass to let daylight into the garage and enhances the open concept feel of contemporary home plans.

More Mixing, Less Matching.

“Matchy-matchy” is out. Layering textures is in.

From mixing materials – such as metal and wood – to combining contrasting colors – like black and white – it’s easier to get creative with product pairings to add visual interest and dimension to your home exterior.

Canyon Ridge with Metal Inlay

Clopay Canyon Ridge Modern Series faux wood garage door, Clear Cypress cladding with aluminum inlays in a Medium stain finish.

Close up of Canyon Ridge with Metal Inlay

Close-up detail showing the realistic grain pattern and texture of the Clear Cypress composite cladding material mixed with brushed aluminum inlays.

 Canyon Ridge Modern with frosted windows down one side

A horizontal plank door becomes more interesting when you add the contrasting texture of smooth frosted glass. Mahogany faux wood cladding in a Walnut stain finish.


The Fixer Upper Effect

Modern may be the style du jour but the influence of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” style maven Joanna Gaines was also evident in many products we saw at the show, including our own.

A dark gray custom stain finish gave two of our best-selling doors a dose of rustic wow and sparked attendees’ imaginations for new possibilities.

Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series with custom gray stain

Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series faux wood carriage house garage door, Design 12 with REC13 windows. Clear Cypress cladding with Mahogany overlays. Custom gray stain.

Close up of Canyon Ridge Limited Edition with custom gray stain

Close-up detail of the stained composite cladding on the Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series carriage house garage door. The decorative hardware gives the illusion that it swings open, but the doors roll up and down.

Craftsman Collection entry door with custom gray finish

Clopay Craftsman Collection woodgrain fiberglass entry door system with Clarion windows and sidelights. The custom gray stain finish complements the Canyon Ridge Collection carriage house garage door.

Close-up detail of custom grain stained Craftsman entry door

Close-up detail of the Craftsman Collection fiberglass entry door. The rectangular shape of the windows complements the size and shape of the Canyon Ridge Collection garage door windows.

“These doors have been available for about 6 years and have become a mainstay of in the Clopay booth because they are best-selling models,” says Clopay Sr. Product Manager Justin Evans. “Showing them in a new color that is on trend with what builders and homeowners are seeing on TV and on websites like Houzz and Pinterest made them feel like a new product. It breathed new life into an old favorite.”

Energy Efficiency Everywhere in the House

As homeowners look for more ways to save energy costs, every feature of a house is carefully considered including the garage – especially if it’s attached and there is living space next to or above it.

New American NEXT Adventure Home - Modern Steel

Clopay Modern Steel Collection 18.4 R-value insulated garage door on the BUILDER magazine/Taylor Morrison NEXTadventure home. Grooved panel style, custom window layout, built-in WindCode reinforcement.

Clopay’s Intellicore polyurethane insulation offers R-values up to 20.4, depending on the garage door model, and will help keep the garage more comfortable year-round.

More Door Choices

A common thread in all Clopay doors is customization – whether it’s size, material, insulation, window design and placement, paint color or stain finish.

Custom doesn’t always mean more expensive. Depending on the design, Clopay’s Modern Steel Collection delivers high style at an affordable price.

Modern Steel Collection - Orange

People want to put their personal stamp on their project. Clopay’s Color Blast custom paint program broadens the palette from a few colors to thousands.

Smooth Fiberglass Entry Door - Orange

Clopay Smooth Fiberglass Collection entry door system with Clarion Reed glass windows. Custom Color Blast paint color – Sherwin Williams Earthen Jug.

To add contrast and drama homeowners are gravitating toward darker colors inside and out.

NARH 2017 Home featuring Reserve Wood Collection custom

Phil Kean designed a black louvered Reserve Wood Collection custom garage door to go with the large plantation style exterior shutters on the 2017 New American Remodeled Home.

Reserve Wood Collection Custom with Luvers

Reserve Wood Collection custom series door constructed in Meranti with custom black stain finish.

Contact a local Clopay dealer for more information and pricing on the doors we featured at the 2017 International Builders’ Show.

Read more about the IBS show home projects featuring Clopay garage doors including the BUILDER NEXTadventure home, the 2017 New American Home, and the 2017 New American Remodeled Home.

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A New Garage Door Adds Old World Charm to a 90s Home

The goal of most exterior remodeling projects is to update a home’s curb appeal. But in this case, the owners wanted their house to look like it had been around for centuries.

A new Clopay garage door helped our January imagineNATION Makeover Contest winners add a touch of Tuscany to their 19-year-old Canadian house.

January 2017 imagineNATIOn contest Winner

The transformation is dramatic. But it didn’t happen overnight. It actually took five years and occurred in stages.

The homeowners had redecorated the interior using a Tuscan theme, but the outside remained stuck in the 90s. They replaced the original front doors with stained fiberglass doors that had a rustic feel but stopped there. Last summer they decided it was time to merge the split personalities.

Before imagineNATION Winner January 2017

The family replaced the original front doors five years ago but stopped there.

They drove around local neighborhoods looking for inspiration and found it in a Mediterranean house with natural wood carriage house style garage doors that would complement their front doors perfectly. They loved the look but knew the maintenance would be challenging in Edmonton’s climate.

The heart wants what the heart wants. So for the next four months the family searched for and found a perfect low-maintenance, look alike solution – Clopay’s Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series faux wood carriage house door.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series faux wood garage door, Design 37.

Leana says she saw it from afar and knew it was the one. It wasn’t in the budget, but she admits that when she likes something, it’s hard to change her mind.

Her family tried to talk her into going with a plain door because after all, it’s just a garage door. Instead, she trusted her gut and it paid off.

January 2017 imagineNATION winner after

The Canyon Ridge Collection garage door is constructed of a durable low-maintenance composite material that won’t rot, warp or crack. It is extremely energy-efficient with an insulating R-value of 20.4.

She says the day the garage door was installed, her vision for her dream house was complete. It has been 5 months and people still drive by just to see it. Her neighbors have a strong case of garage door envy and can’t believe it’s not a real wood door. The family is thrilled with the results and happy that she didn’t give in to a plain garage door.

Clopay Canyon Ridge Collection Limited Edition Series

Another example of this Canyon Ridge Collection garage door installed on a Mediterranean style home.

Get more curb appeal ideas for Mediterranean style homes on Clopay’s Pinterest board.

Have you transformed your home with a new Clopay garage door or entry door? Submit before and after photos to Clopay’s imagineNATION Makeover Contest for a chance to win $1,000. The contest runs through December 31, 2017. Read the rules.

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As Seen in Traditional Home…

Traditional Home February/March 2017 Cover

Designer Christopher Kennedy used contemporary Clopay glass garage doors in the transformation of a midcentury home in Palm Springs.

The project is featured in the February/March issue of Traditional Home, in conjunction with the start of 2017 Modernism Week.

Modern Appeal February/March 2017 Cover

The annual event celebrates midcentury architecture and design by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in Palm Springs.

Avante Collection on Christopher Kennedy Compound

The attached garage on the Christopher Kennedy Compound is an architectural focal point of the one-story home.

Kennedy chose Avante Collection glass garage doors to complement the home’s clean lines and white exterior.

frosted glass garage doors - Avante Collection

The frosted glass doors let natural light inside the garage during the day without compromising privacy.

glass garage doors giving warm glow

At night, they emit a warm glow, much like the home’s desert surround just before sunset.

See more of the Christopher Kennedy Modernism Showhouse.

Use Clopay’s Door Imagination System to see how a glass garage door transforms your home’s curb appeal.

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The Hidden Benefits of Insulating Your Garage

Is it required that you insulate your garage? Not quite. Building standards are somewhat murky on the subject, even if some government organizations claim that common walls must have a certain level of R-value for houses with an attached garage. By the same token, a garage with rooms above it must have a minimum R-value on the ceiling, according to these same organizations. There are no requirements for the other walls or the garage door itself, while a detached garage has no R-value rules binding it at all.

So why bother? Well, comfort is a big part of it. If you’re a person who likes to work in your garage, having a humid or freezing space in which to work is no joy. And the warmth from space heaters would easily escape uninsulated walls.
Beyond that, there are hidden benefits to having your garage walls insulated. Let’s take a look at six of them.

That Garage Isn’t Just for Storage Anymore

A nice, roomy garage need not be just a place to park your car or fill with old paint cans. Many amateur contractors and woodworkers use their garage as a workspace. Workout equipment can fit in there as well, or the kids can use it as a makeshift playroom where they don’t have to worry so much about breaking things.
None of those things would be as pleasant without a comfortable temperature level inside the garage. So insulating it will only inspire you to utilize it as much as possible.

The Creeping Cold Air

Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a door separating the house from the garage that’s insulated and features adequate weather-stripping. Yet every time you head out the door to enter your garage, all of the cold air quickly rushes in, which can cause quite a sudden chill. The same goes for a humid garage in the summer.
This is a two-way street. Any heat coming from the inside of the house won’t last very long in an icy garage without some insulation to act as a buffer.

Protecting The Plumbing and the Slumbering

Perhaps you don’t spend enough time in your garage to worry about the temperature or humidity. But what if the garage is the location for your washer and dryer? That means plumbing is involved, and, as anyone who has ever been involved with them knows, frozen pipes are no fun at all.
Consider also a house where a bedroom sits above the garage. Again, an uninsulated garage will mean a lot of cold air seeping up into a room where someone is trying to sleep.

Keeping Rust at Bay

If you’re storing your personal belongings or equipment in the garage, you’ll want them to stay as pristine as possible. Humidity is your enemy in that process, since it can lead to rust. Again, an insulated and heated garage will prevent against that.
Safety First
Many cars use remote starters, which can accidentally be activated from inside the house very easily. A car that’s started inside a garage will produce deadly carbon monoxide.
Although a carbon monoxide detector is the best way to keep safe in an instance like that, an insulated garage would help as well. It would keep the gas from easily spreading into the rooms of your home.

Quiet It Down

Those amateur contractors mentioned above sometimes like to get the work started early on a weekend morning. Your neighbor who decided to sleep in might not be so thrilled with the buzzing and screeching of motorized tools blaring through the neighborhood (nor will the rest of your family inside the house.) If the walls of your garage are insulated, there is far less chance the sound will go far beyond those walls.

What About the Door?

Remember that your garage door is essentially another wall. Those who insulate the walls to meet energy conservation requirements and leave the garage door unattended are only doing a portion of the necessary work.
If you have any lingering questions, make sure to contact us at 519-829-3777 for the best advice on potential garage door insulation. We can even heed your request for a free online quotation.
For those who are considering a change in their garage door situation, you can create your own by visiting our design center. Our image gallery will also give you some great ideas.

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