A New Day in Shipping :-(

It appears that UPS and FedEx no longer want to ship boxes that are over eight feet long. As of January 2018 boxes that are eight feet or longer have surcharges attached to the shipping costs. The following is an example of the exorbitant surcharges. If a 4″ X 4″ box weighing 10 pounds is shipped […]

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Preventable Problems: Firefighters offer tips to avoid trouble in winter weather

Never leave a car with the engine running in the garage, Daus said. “Even with the garage door open, the carbon monoxide can pull into the house. You want to pull your car out of the garage. Close the garage door, if you're going to be warming your car up. That's going to be the best protection for …

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Tips You Absolutely Must Know Before Taking On A Garage Door Repair Project

In Case You Have a problem with A spring on your own garage door causing the door to no longer close properly, you will want to find the best garage door spring repair on your city. If You Reside in Portland, Locating a good garage door spring repair provider isn't so difficult since there are some great …

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Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning this winter with these tips from the MUHC

… the engine, and ensure that the exhaust pipe is not blocked. If an exhaust pipe is blocked by snow while a car idles, it can produce carbon monoxide poisoning inside the car that could lead to death. Also, drivers should never leave their car running inside the garage — even if the garage door is open.

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Safety first in stormy weather: Tips for winter warriors

Shoveling?Tap here so the ice you use tonight can go in your cocktail, not on your aching back. Car buried in snow? On Saturday, the Montreal Children's Hospital issued a safety tip concerning carbon monoxide poisoning and idling cars. “In the past, the Montreal Children's Hospital has seen cases of …

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Ordering the correct Powermaster Operators can be simple if you begin with the correct details. Here is what you’ll need in order to order one of our hoist operators. Voltage. These are normally 115, 208-230, and 460 volts. Check the voltage on your existing operator or the voltage readily available in the building. Phase. The 115-volt operators […]

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Ice removal tips for your home

… and crack and bust and when the temperatures warm up, it'll let the water out in your basement,” said Hahn. Hahn also pointed out something that may have never crossed your mind. Make sure to raise your garage door. Under frigid, icy conditions the plastic bottom can literally freeze to the concrete.

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Cheyenne Resident Leaves Garage Door Open, Burglars Steal Tools

Cheyenne police are asking for the public's help in finding two people who stole several hundred dollars worth of tools from a garage in Sun Valley earlier this month. Officer Kevin Malatesta says the burglary took place on Jan. 4 between 7:10 and 7:20 a.m.. "A garage door was open at the 5700 block of …

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