8 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Door Operating Smoothly

A Little Maintenance on Your Garage Door Goes a Long Way

Your garage door probably goes up and down multiple times a day, as you are leaving for and returning home from work, as your spouse is doing the same and as the kids are headed to school or out to play. If you want to keep your garage door working properly for many years, then you need to do some regular maintenance every once in a while.

Here are 8 tips for keeping your garage door operating smoothly:

  1. The easiest way for you to know if there is something wrong with your garage door is to watch and listen to it every day. If it begins to jerk as it moves or makes a loud, grinding sound, you will know sooner than later that something is wrong.
  2. The hardware on your garage door will loosen over time, especially if it is going up and down numerous times a day. We recommend that you go out and tighten the bolts and roller brackets every few months.
  3. As you are tightening the bolts and brackets, you will want to also check to see if the door is balanced. If the door gets off balance, it will not last as long.
  4. The rollers can also get worn, chipped or cracked, so they need to be inspected too. If you notice any damage, then you should replace them immediately.
  5. The garage door is designed to keep the elements out of your garage, but if the weatherstripping around the door is damaged or loose, you will find that rain and snow will start to find its way inside. It is very easy to replace the weatherstripping if this happens.
  6. Once a year, it is a good idea to lubricate your garage door. This will keep all of the parts moving well, so that they do not get stuck.
  7. The auto reverse safety feature on your garage door should be tested every month. This feature is designed to prevent anyone from getting stuck under a closing door.
  8. The tracks on your garage door can get filled with debris, especially when the leaves start to fall every year. Clean them out, so that your garage door works properly.

As long as you perform regular maintenance on your garage door, it should work for a very long time. Our team of garage door professionals can assist you if you have any problems with your garage door or if you think that it is time for a new one.

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