Power Surges and Garage Door Openers

Here are a few symptoms your garage door opener may be showing if hit by lightning or a power surge:

  • Opener functions erratically
  • Remote & keypad stop working
  • LED lights on the safety sensors are not lit
  • Opener acts as if it has no power even when there is power going to the outlet
  • The light on the back of the circuit board flashes constantly

If you are experiencing any of these signs after a recent storm, contact Door Guys for assistance.

Garage door openers, along with many other electronics, have a high risk of damage during a storm. Lightning can travel through phone jacks, Ethernet cables, and electrical outlets.  indirect lightning, generated by electromagnetic pulses, can even short out appliances as well.

We highly suggest purchasing a surge protector for your garage door openers. Not all power strips have built in surge protection. Always verify that the device specifies this in the manufacturer details. Without one, circuit boards, and other parts can burn up due to power surges. A $15 item will save you hundreds in repair costs.

Here’s a great surge protector from amazon