Preventative Maintenance

Ensuring you’re always open for business

Our planned or preventative servicing and maintenance is undertaken on a contracted basis.  The contract is for one year.
The scheduled visits are based on your needs.  For example:  every 2 months for high volume use,  every 3 months for moderate volume use, every 6 months for low use or once a year for seasonal low use.
Your P.M. certification includes basic adjustments, lubrication of necessary door parts, balancing of door and adjustment of spring tension if required.

Initial Visit

On our first visit after signing up for the PM program you will receive:
  •      Door Inspection Report – Detailing all aspects of your overhead door.
  •      Preventative Maintenance Certification – Detailing the condition of your overhead door and any repairs required for further maintenance.
  •      Red Binder – For you to keep track of your copies of the door reports.

 Second and future Visits

  • A Preventative Maintenance Certification is always completed including a copy for your records when this service is done.

Further Service

If further service is required, we will do our absolute best to schedule it to fit your needs.
We at Door Guys have a strong commitment to our customers, and we feel a smooth communication system is absolutely vital to our service to our customers. We have an open contact line and read emails regularly to ensure our customers are satisfied to the strict level of quality we at Door Guys thrive to uphold
Our committed service extends far beyond the field. Our representatives are constantly looking to provide clients with the dedicated service, as well as communicative efforts, necessary to uphold the safety and upkeep of your overhead doors. The level of quality we strive to attain is of utmost importance and our commitment to our customers has proven strong through long standing contracts with reputable businesses, organizations and proprietorship’s in Simcoe, Muskoka, and extended area’s!

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Commercial Services


More than just doors . . . . .  
We service, repair and install:

  • Overhead Doors
  • Loading Docks
  • Automatic Entrance Door Openers
  • Electric Gates

Door Guys prioritize our clients’ needs and timelines, and bring top-notch customer service to the table, every time. With a mandate of staying within each client’s budget, Dawn and Kelly seek to find creative and cost-effective solutions to delivering replacement or maintenance to overhead doors, loading docks, automatic entrance door openers, and electric gates.


Residential Services

If you are interested iScanned ad 045n repairing or replacing your overhead door, contact Door Guys today. We will be happy to provide you with a broad overview of products and services we can offer, a set of sample materials, and the peace of mind that comes with working alongside a team of dedicated professionals.

With a one-day process, we at Door Guys are happy to work alongside your schedule and guarantee installation or repair within a concise time frame. A friendly, customer-oriented approach is key to our service.